Learn about the beautiful and exciting art of Middle Eastern Dance with Bloomington, Indiana, instructor and performer, Donna Barbrick Carlton.

A woman swiriling a rainbow colored veil.

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Schedule and Events


Donna Carlton established International Dance Discovery in 1987, selling dance accoutrement, and moved into publishing in 1989, producing the Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook annually from 1989-2005. Her book, Looking For Little Egypt (published 1995), tells the story of Middle Eastern Dance in the United States and how a notorious entertainer assumed the spotlight. 

Looking For Little Egypt (available at www.lulu.com )

Donna promotes cultural learning for the community through teaching, performing, and sponsoring seminars and shows. She has been a regular at Lotus Blossoms World Bazaar events since 1997, giving dance lessons to 4th-, 5th- and 6th-graders. Thousands of students have completed university-level classes with her through the IU School of Public Health-Kinesiology Department. She currently teaches weekly extracurricular classes at Windfall Dance as well as other Bloomington locations. 


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You can also find Donna performing with Indy Raqs band on oud, guitar, vocals and oriental dance.

Indy Raqs Band
www.facebook.com/Indy RaqsBand


“Intro to Bellydance”

This series helps the beginner learn the biomechanics and movement initiation of traditional dance moves. These classes keep students moving and exploring the joy of bellydance, while helping to build confidence and poise.  Private classes are available by appointment on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Check with Donna or visit the All About Bellydance page on Facebook for details.

“Continuing Level”

For continuing learners. Technique, combinations, choreography, special topics.

Recitals and Dance Parties

Twice a year, we have recitals so we can show our families and friends what we’ve been learning. Dance parties at the studio are a good chance to work on improvisation skills.

That seventies number!

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Private lessons/workshops

Private lessons or small group lessons are also available. Let’s see if we can come up with a lesson plan just for you! Workshops on various topics are also an option.

Comments from Donna’s Students

“I have found this class has strengthened my oriental dance techniques and made me able to actually perform it in the presence of others. Donna Carlton, a very talented belly dancer, has created a fun and creative environment for teaching others this dance form. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every lesson and can’t wait to attempt these new dance steps…” D.D.

“I will leave this class knowing more about my self, middle eastern dancing, the Egyptian culture, my friends, and women in general. I also know my own body a lot better, and what beauty we can all possess if we only believe we can.” A.S.

“Who would have ever imagined that learning another form of dance would make me more confident, happy, and content with my body?” J.C.

Comments from Donna’s Workshop Participants

“Loved the basics drilling to be sure we don’t get sloppy. Combos were cute.”
“Great class. Love the techniques. Love the combinations. Thank you!”
“You are a fabulous teacher. This workshop was everything I wanted to learn.”

(Photo credit: Derek Johnson)


Whether you need a coin sash, silk veil, choli top or finger cymbals, Donna has the goods.