Donna Carlton established International Dance Discovery in 1987, selling dance accoutrement, and moved into publishing in 1989, producing the Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook annually from 1989-2005. Her book, Looking For Little Egypt (published 1995), tells the story of Middle Eastern Dance in the United States and how a notorious entertainer assumed the spotlight. 

Looking For Little Egypt (available at www.lulu.com )

Donna promotes cultural learning for the community through teaching, performing, and sponsoring seminars and shows. She has been a regular at Lotus Blossoms World Bazaar events since 1997, giving dance lessons to 4th-, 5th- and 6th-graders. Thousands of students have completed university-level classes with her through the IU School of Public Health-Kinesiology Department. She currently teaches weekly extracurricular classes at Windfall Dance as well as other Bloomington locations. 


(Photo credit: Derek Johnson)

You can also find Donna performing with Indy Raqs band on oud, guitar, vocals and oriental dance.

Indy Raqs Band
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